Netgear Nighthawk nighthawk red light issue? How to fix the nighthawk red light issue?

How to fix the nighthawk red light issue?

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fix the nighthawk router red light issue

Netgear Nighthawk routers are the most excellent routers that offer a great Wi-Fi performance. However, before and after configuring a nighthawk router, the user may see different LEDs light flashing. Have you ever wondered why does the red light blinking? or why is my Nighthawk blinking red light?

Reasons for Nighthawk red light issue

Reasons for Nighthawk red light issue

Undoubtedly, there are certain situations when the nighthawk router flashing the red light. Some of the main reasons are:-

  1. Sometimes, the internet connection is overlapped and the connection is timed out. It may happen when the nighthawk router gets connected to the modem using the damaged wires.
  2. When the nighthawk router gets disconnects from the wireless network. Also, if the nighthawk is not properly reset, then the user will be able to view the blinking of red light.
  3. If the user has not paid/recharge the fees to the Internet service provider.

 To overcome the nighthawk red light issue, the blog has suggested the finest solution to rectify the netgear nighthawk red power light issue.

Steps to fix the nighthawk router red light issue

Following are the steps:-

fix the nighthawk router red light issue


In the first step, one may need to check all the connections between the different devices, such as the nighthawk router, modem, and computer. Maybe you will find any improper or loose connections. Try t settle them in the right way to fix the red light issue.


Positioning your nighthawk router is one of the important steps for the smooth flow of internet connection. Don’t put your nighthawk router at such a place where you may face the red light issue. Also, placed your router away from the objects, for instance, baby monitors, speakers, refrigerators, etc.


When the router firmware process is taking place in your device then, at this time the user will see the LED lights on your nighthawk router are glowing red. So, it is advised to update the firmware. Afterward, check the LEDs o the router.

In case, you are facing the same, move forward to the next step.


The conflict issue or the authentication problem can also be engaged in the red light issue. Ensure that, the internet protocol address is not properly conflicting with the connected devices.


Lastly, if you are still able to show the netgear nighthawk red light, then try to reset the devices to their default settings. One can reset your nighthawk router either by using the soft and hard reset procedure.

If you are all done with the reset procedure, and still showing the red light issue, then contact the technical support team.

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