Netgear Nighthawk Nighthawk back online? How to get my Nighthawk back online?

How to get my Nighthawk back online?

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Nighthawk router not connecting to internet

After successfully setting up the Nighthawk router, you might be getting the issue that the nighthawk router not connecting to the internet. And this situation is frustrating when you have urgent online work.

If you have this issue, no need to worry! Here in this article, we explained all basic to advanced solutions to resolve the problem that the Nighthawk router won’t connect to the internet or nighthawk router going offline


Why is my Nighthawk router not connecting to internet?

Nighthawk router not connecting to internet

Before you go for troubleshooting steps, you need to identify that is your Nighthawk router actually does not connect to the internet. Let’s see the following steps to identify it.

  • The router’s power LED shows red light.
  • Internet LED light does not blink.
  • Lost router’s internet connection.
  • WiFi showing internet-connected but no internet access.
  • No internet LED on your Nighthawk router.

Nighthawk router can’t connecting to the internet: Troubleshoot steps

Power cycle the router : Start with the basic steps, power cycle your Nighthawk router. To perform it, unplug your Nighthawk router from the power socket and also disconnect all the connected devices with the router. Now wait for a few minutes, then plug your Nighthawk router into the power socket and turn it on.

Check all the cable : The next step is to check all the cables should not be damaged or torn out, if any cable is damaged, replace the cable with the new one. Also, check that there should not be any loose connections.

Upgrade the Nighthawk firmware : Outdated firmware may also reason for the Nighthawk router not connecting to the internet problem. Therefore, update the latest firmware version on your Nighthawk router.

Verify power supply : Check that your Nighthawk router receives the proper power supply from the electric socket. Verify the router plugged should not be damaged.      

Reset the router : In case none of the above steps resolve the issue, last Opt for you to reset your nighthawk router to its default settings. Before you perform the reset procedure, take a backup of the router’s settings of the Nighthawk router.

To perform the reset process, press the reset button on your router and release the reset button after a few seconds. Now the router automatically reboots itself.


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